Call for Sponsorship

2020 NCACE Conference

Call for Sponsorship

Spotlight your organization or institution at this year’s NCACE Conference! There are several ways to sponsor the conference.  

When you are ready to sponsor the 2020 Conference visit

Why sponsor at the NCACE conference?

Brand Recognition

The conference gives you the opportunity to showcase your organization as a great place to work or as a great source of talent, to be recognized as a strong advocate for economic and workforce development, and to gain statewide visibility with over 30 colleges and universities in attendance.

Record of Excellence

We are continually recognized as an outstanding organization dedicated to professional development and building a productive statewide network between colleges, universities, and employers.

Focus on Professionalism

Your organization’s sponsorship goes directly to the professional development of our members. It is our commitment to present programs and speakers that address the most pressing issues and cutting edge practices in career services and employment recruiting.