Presidents Message


The North Carolina Association of Colleges and Employers (NCACE) is an organization that focuses on enhancing career services and campus recruiting across our state. We have built a continued presence in our region as leaders and change makers, thanks to our people and their continued determination to be at the top of our industry.


My purpose for my tenure as president is simple; to focus on you, the member.


This is the year of the member. #YOTM.


Each regional representative has been asked to engage members through events that inform, educate and enrich your network. I charge you to attend, support and meet others in your region. Our evolution is constant when we see each other and share our stories.


The Inaugural NCACE Leadership Institute on December 11th and 12th is designed to provide members with the key strategies and techniques to effectively run an organization and to provide low cost professional development for those who find themselves in a leadership role or have leadership aspirations. In this dynamic and collaborative Institute, participants will learn about common approaches, tools, and methods used by professionals across North Carolina.


Lastly, we are implementing a 2015 NCACE Mentor Program. This program is intended to utilize the foundation and wisdom from those with longevity in this field. Mentoring partnerships will be established through an application process that matches mentees with those in our industry that have astute industry knowledge.


Thank you for trusting me with this incredible opportunity. This organization and the people that affiliate with it are truly the reason why great things happen for NCACE and our profession.


Jane Mehringer, President 2014-2015