UNCG Greensboro Launches Career Specialist Training

With the changes in the economy and the new demands being placed on career centers across the nation, the University of North Carolina at Greensboro has taken a step to change the mentality of career services by created a formal training program to provide faculty and staff with the key strategies and techniques to work with students on their career development and management in a coaching role.

The intention of this program is to help bring down the silos found on campus and reduce the “bounce effect”, defined as the experience students feel when they are bounced around from department to department in search of assistance on campus.  In addition to creating a “career culture” on campus in which there are a number of CSC trained specialists outside of the career center for students to speak to, the program also provided colleagues with professional development to add to their own careers and additional training updates to continue their skill development in assisting students with their career development and management.

Co-creators Linda Pollock and Patrick Madsen theorized several modules that participants move through, including an introduction to career development theory, tools used in a coaching model, strategies and techniques they could use with students, and effectively referring students to the career center for more intensive career work.  The program was a success with participants rating the program very high, reservations filling up within 48 hours from the first marketing, and a diverse variety of faculty, staff, and graduate assistants.  Specifically, an academic advisor responded in appreciating the “blend of theory, practical application, and reflection”.

Patrick Madsen, Director, UNCG CSC                             Linda Pollock, Career Counselor, UNCG CSC