NCACE Conference At-a-Glance

Monday, May 3rd: Pre-Conference Events
9:00 AM Director’s Meeting (1 hour)
10:00AM New Member/First-Time Attendee (1 hour)
11:00 AM Affinity Groups: HBCU (1 hour)
11:00 AM Affinity Groups: LGBTQA+ (1 hour)
1:00 PM Affinity Groups: Capability/Accessibility (1 hour)
1:00 PM Affinity Groups: People of Color (1 hour)
2:00 PM Leadership Institute (1 hour)

Tuesday, May 4th
11:30 AM Networking Opportunities (30 minutes)
1:00 PM Welcome (15 min)
1:15 PM Opening Keynote: Jeff DeBellis (1 hour including Q&A)
3:00 PM Breakout Sessions (50 minutes)

Wednesday, May 5th
10:00 AM Breakout Sessions (50 minutes)
11:00 AM Roundtables (1 hour – 15 min discussion/5 min rotate x 3)
12:00 PM Lunch
1:00 PM Breakout Sessions (50 minutes)
2:00 PM Breakout Sessions (50 minutes)

Thursday, May 6th
9:30 AM Networking Opportunities (30 minutes)
10:00 AM Business Meeting and Awards Presentation
11:00 AM Keynote (TBD) & Closing

“Breakout session titles include “CommunAbility @ UNC Charlotte”, “Don’t Touch My Crown: Exploring GenZ students’ of color perception of professionalism and race-based discrimination”, “Mighty Morphin’ Career Rangers”, and more. Roundtable session titles include “Equity in Career Services a Conscious of Inclusion,” “Starting From Scratch: Why My Employer Relations Strategy Didn’t Work,” “Building an Innovative and Exciting Internship Program,” and more.  Final schedule coming soon!